International Business

International business advisory is at the heart of our practice. The extensive experience, multi-jurisdictional and multi-lingual attorney background of HenryBaysan allows us to advise and represent national and foreign entities, institutions and individuals in a variety of complex, cross-border strategic transactions, investigations, compliance and disputes.

HenryBaysan understands risks and opportunities inherent in the global market and with breadth of experience in international business law we assist clients on complex international law matters and, increasingly, on international regulation and enforcement, including:

    • Economic sanctions;
    • Foreign Corrupt Practices;
    • Business and corporate responsibility issues;
    • Anti-money laundering, anti-corruption and anti-terrorism regulations; and
    • Risk assessments for international projects and investments

Providing representation in a wide variety of transactional corporate and litigation matters and seamlessly complementing these services, HenryBaysan is your trusted global partner for addressing legal concerns in every jurisdiction.

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